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Fast and affordable A/C repair service in Medicine Hat

Fast, Reliable Air Conditioning Repair in Medicine Hat!

Need Your Air Conditioner Repaired?

If your home is too hot or too cold and you need immediate air conditioning repair services in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Gas City Heating and Air Conditioning should be your first call. Our team of skilled, experienced and certified HVAC technicians are trained to work on all makes and models, even if we didn’t install your unit.

Repair or Replace Your Old Air Conditioner?

If it will cost more to repair than to replace and upgrade to a new, energy efficient model, we will give you forthright advice about that. Why waste money on frequent repairs for an outdated model that is no longer able to perform optimally? Your new air conditioning installation will be done quickly and efficiently so your home comfort is not disrupted longer than necessary. We are in the business of helping home owners enjoy cool indoor temperatures and comfort with the best performing AC systems in the industry.

Gas City Heating and Air Conditioning Have You Covered!

Stay cool this summer by leaving your air conditioner repairs to the experts at Gas City Heating and Air Conditioning. We will keep your unit running in tip top shape and provide you with a one-year warranty on all parts that we replace. You should never have to compromise your comfort in your own home. Our technicians are fully equipped to handle any type of air conditioning repair in Alberta, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Unless you are a trained and certified HVAC technician, you should never attempt to repair your system yourself. Here’s why:

  • You may potentially cause more damage to the unit which can end up costing you more money than you think you will save with a DIY attempt.
  • Handling dangerous components like electrical elements and refrigerant requires training and experience to prevent the risk of injury.
  • Your manufacturer’s warranty may become void if the repair is not performed by a certified technician.
  • Ordering specific parts from a supplier can take days, which means more time spent in the sweltering heat. A technician from Gas City Heating and Air Conditioning will arrive with parts on hand or have easy and quick access to genuine parts if we do not have them in stock.
  • You may lack the proper tools to accurately and efficiently diagnose and fix the problem, which can cause frustration and the possibility of larger problems in the near future.
  • You may not be informed about a particular product recall or issue, which can result in wasted time, money and energy.

Gas City Heating and Air Conditioning, Your Local A/C Repair Experts You Can Count On!

If you have noticed poor air flow or indoor air quality in your home, as well as an increase in your energy bills, it may be time to have your unit serviced. It’s okay to periodically change your system’s filter on your own, but be sure to contact a skilled technician for repairs and installations. It’s the law to have refrigerants that contain ozone depleting substances and other hydrocarbons such as CFCs, HCFCs or HFCs removed, discharged, handled and disposed of by a certified technician. Technicians from Gas City Heating and Air Conditioning always follow strict safety standards and regulations. We take the time to make sure you fully comprehend the issue at hand before proceeding with the repair.

  • We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service, quality workmanship and affordable prices.
  • We always provide an estimate before any work is done.
  • We can help you with preventative maintenance to avoid future problems and repair expenses.
  • We can assess the efficiency of your current system and inspect the condition of your ductwork.

If you decide to replace your unit, we will help you along the way, ensuring your system is sized right and meets your unique specifications and budget.

Contact Gas City Heating and Air Conditioning at 403-928-5198 or fill out our online form to learn more about our air conditioning repair services in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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With guaranteed customer satisfaction, and 24 hour service, Gas City Heating and Air Conditioning have everthing you need for cozy winter nights, and cool summer days.

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Fun Air Conditioning Facts

  • AC Units were first measured as "Ice Power"
  • The first A/C was invented to control humidity.
  • 1913, saw the first fully air conditioned home. But the owner died before he could enjoy it.
  • The first air conditioner installed in the Oval Office cost $30,000 for Herber Hoover.
  • Deaths due to heat stroke have dropped over 80 percent in the last 50 years, mainly due to air conditioning.
  • A small window air conditioner in the 1940s cost around $350. That's over $3500 in today's dollars!

Our Air Conditioning Repair Guarantee!

We are committed to providing the highest level of heating and cooling services in the industry. If you are not 100% satisfied with any aspect of the repair of your air conditioner, we will promptly work with you to resolve any concerns or issues you may have. The quality of our workmanship cannot be beat and we always do everything we can to ensure you are pleased with the entire air conditioning repair experience, from beginning to end.